Guide: How to bridge FRAX to Solana network and add liquidity to Saber

1- How to get FRAX ?

  • Connect your MetaMask extension to, then purchase the desired amount of FRAX you like to add to the liquidity using the links below:
    FRAX :

2- How to bridge your FRAX stablecoins to Solana network ?

  • Now you have FRAX in your ETH wallet, you will need to bridge it.
  • First you will need to have a Solana wallet, if you don’t have one you can use Phantom or SOL wallet, in this guide we will use Phantom wallet.
  • Head to Phantom page Link: and install Phantom wallet.
  • Create a new wallet, then fund it with some Solana (SOL) to be used for gas.
  • Head to Wormhole Solana bridge link:
  • You will arrive at this page:
  • Choose FRAX (ETH) in the “From” drop-down menu, and click “CONNECT”, write the desired amount of FRAX you want to bridge.
  • Click “CONNECT” in the “To” menu, and choose Phantom Wallet.
  • Click “Connect”.
  • Click “Transfer”.
  • A Phantom window will pop-up to Approve your Transaction Click “Approve”.
  • A MetaMask transaction will pop-up to Confirm your spending Click “Confirm”.
  • Another MetaMask transaction will pop-up Click “Confirm”.
  • Wait until you transfer is completed.
  • Choose FRAX & USDC from the drop-down menu, swap half of your FRAX to USDC by clicking “Review”.
  • Click “Confirm Swap”.
  • A Phantom transaction will pop-up Click “Approve”.

3- How to add liquidity to ?

Step 1

  • Now you have FRAX & USDC you will need to add liquidity.
  • Head to Saber add liquidity Link:
  • You will arrive at this page, Find the wFRAX-USDC pool and click “Deposit”.

Step 2

  • Write the amount of FRAX & USDC you want to add to the liquidity, and Click “Deposit”.
  • Click “Confirm Deposit”.
  • Click “Approve”.

Step 3 (Staking)

  • You successfully provided liquidity, now you need to Stake your SLP Tokens.
  • Please head to the Saber Staking page link here:
  • You will arrive at this page, find the wFRAX-USDC pool and Click “Stake”.
  • Write the amount of SLP tokens you want to stake and Click “Deposit”.
  • A Phantom transaction will appear Click “Approve”.
  • Saber will show your unclaimed SBR and how much SBR/day you will get.

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