Guide : How to provide liquidity to FRAX3CRV Pool on

1- How to get FRAX ?

  • Connect your MetaMask extension to, then purchase the desired amount of FRAX you like to add to the liquidity using the links below:
    FRAX :

2- How to add liquidity to FRAX3CRV pool ?

Step 1

Step 2

  • Connect your wallet.
  • A new window will appear with different options to connect your wallet, We will be using MetaMask in this guide.
  • A MetaMask window will pop-up, Click “Connect” To allow Curve to access your wallet.

Step 3 (Staking)

  • Enter the desired amount of FRAX tokens you want to add to Curve pool.
  • Click “Deposit & stake In gauge
  • A MetaMask transaction will pop-up “Confirm”it, then wait for the transaction to be successful.

Step 4 (Liquidity gauge)

  • Search For FRAX liquidity gauge, Write the desired amount of FRAX LP Tokens you want to deposit, then Click “Deposit”.
  • A MetaMask deposit transaction will pop-up “Confirm” it.

3- How To Add additional FRAX tokens in the Curve pool that is not initially staked ?

  • Click “Stake unstaked in gauge”.
  • A Metamask transaction will pop-up,“Confirm” it.

4- How to claim your CRV Rewards ?

  • Click “Claim” , then confirm the transaction.

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