Guide: How to add liquidity to FRAX-IQ Pool on UNISWAP and receive IQ & FXS rewards.

1- How to buy IQ & FRAX tokens?

  • Connect your MetaMask extension to, then purchase the desired amount of FRAX you like to add to the liquidity using the links below:
    FRAX :
  • IQ:
    After you buy IQ tokens from Binance or any other exchange that have IQ tokens online, transfer it to your EOS wallet.

2-How to bridge your IQ tokens to Ethereum network?

  • Now you got your IQ tokens in your EOS wallet, you will need to bridge them.
  • Head to the IQ bridge link: and connect your Scatter / Anchor wallet & your MetaMask wallet.
  • You will arrive at the following page:
  • Select the amount of IQ you want to bridge, and enter the Ethereum address you want to send the ERC20 version of IQ to, then click “Swap”.
  • An Anchor / Scatter wallet message will pop up, Click “Sign Transaction”, it may take a few minutes to complete.
  • You will arrive at the following page:
  • To confirm that the transaction has been executed click “Transaction executed”.
  • Click “Step 2”
  • Click “Swap IQ ERC20”.
  • A MetaMask notification will pop up click “Confirm”.
  • Another MetaMask notification will pop up to confirm the final transaction:

3- How to add IQ tokens to your Metamask wallet?

  • Now you bridged your IQ tokens to Ethereum network, you need to add IQ tokens to your MetaMask wallet.
  • Open MetaMask and scroll to the bottom, Click “Add Token”.
  • Click “Custom Token”.
  • Fill in “ 0x579CEa1889991f68aCc35Ff5c3dd0621fF29b0C9 ” in the “Token Contract Address” field.
  • The other parts should be filled in automatically. Then click “Next”.
  • · Click “Add Tokens”, you will see your ERC20 version of IQ on MetaMask.

3- How to add liquidity to the Frax-IQ pool on UNISWAP?

Step 1

Step 2

  • Write the amount of FRAX you want to add to the liquidity pool, UNISWAP will automatically calculate the equivalent IQ that needs to be added, we will add 249.07FRAX +13962.4IQ.

Step 3

  • Click “Approve” for both FRAX and IQ tokens, a MetaMask transaction will appear for each approval, confirm it, and wait between each transaction until it is executed.

Step 4

  • Once FRAX & IQ are approved, click “Supply” then “Confirm Supply”, MetaMask transactions will pop-up. Confirm them:

Step 5

  • Click to add UNI-V2 to MetaMask.
  • After waiting for the transaction to be completed, you will receive FRAX-IQ LP tokens, and UNISWAP will display your liquidity status here:

Step 6 (Staking)

  • Select the “Uniswap FRAX/IQ” pool from the drop-down menu.
  • Now your LP tokens should appear in the deposit area. Click “Available” to add them, according to personal preference, select the lock-up period and click “Stake”.
  • A MetaMask transaction will pop up to approve your UNI-V2 token spending,and another MetaMask to Stake your UNI-V2 tokens, Confirm the transactions.

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