Frax Finance Weekly Report #07 | September 2021

Project Updates:

  • It essentially incentivizes more FRAX Curve liquidity since Stake DAO takes FRAX3CRV LP as deposits similar to Curve/Convex.
  • Stake DAO is a whitelisted protocol that can stake veFXS so it will be in Stake DAO’s interest to build up the gauge weight for this in the future.
  • Expand on our already successful partnership which has gotten FRAX a lot of veCRV votes and Stake DAO $50m+ of TVL.
  • Stake DAO can further incentivize this gauge with SDT rewards, doubling the token rewards for users.

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Frax Finance Community

Frax Finance Community

Frax is the first and only stablecoin with parts of its supply backed by collateral and parts of the supply algorithmic.